AOSmith Silo RemovalA.O. Smith Harvestor Removal and Takedown

Kick Construction specializes in the professional removal and takedown of AO Smith Harvestor Silo's. Kick Construction was started in 2004 by Kurt Meyer, when he purchased a farm that had 4 A.O. Smith Harvestores on it that needed silo removal.

After spending over a year in searching for a company qualified for A O Smith Harvestore removal of silos, he eventually located a set of jacks that could be used for the silo removal. After purchasing the jacks to teardown and remove the tanks on our own property, the removal was a success. Five years later through word of mouth, his silo removal company is known by farmers throughout the United States for professional removal of AO Smith Silos.

If you have a Harvestore that looks like the BEFORE photo, and want it taken down contact Silos by Kick Construction.


A. O. Smith Harvestor Silo Removal and Takedown

AO Smith Harvestore


These silos below were not taken down in time.

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